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Business Credit


Business Credit Management Services | Credit Management Techniques


The Business Credit Management feature helps CreditQ customers to manage their credit transactions digitally. Most of the transactions between Buyers and Suppliers are on Credit which might later become a defaulted transaction.

Hence to ensure that there is a minimum probability of someone not making a repayment either in terms of Payment or Material Delivery, Business Credit Management will serve the purpose. It is the initiation, acknowledgement and tracking of the transactions between Buyers and Suppliers.


How does it work

CREDITQ integrate the customer accounting software like; Tally, Marg, ERP etc. with us and send the acknowledgement, reminders to the buyer party. It takes follow-ups with the buyer party if they are not paying on time. After defaulting or delay in payments, the Supplier can report that business as a defaulter on PAN India which impacts its credit score and decrease its credibility too.


Business Credit Management provides its customers:

• Auto acceptance to supplier party by buyer party.
• Auto Sharing of Invoices.
• Auto reminders to Buyer party before and after the due date for payment.
• After the due date Report the defaulter without any hustle with acknowledgement
• Decrease its credibility and credit score on PAN India.


Benefits from Business Credit management:

• Automated Notifications, no manpower involved
• Digital Acknowledgement of transactions
• Professional Approach
• Monitoring all credit transactions in one place.
• Easy Settlements
• Save cost and time
• Expand the business without fear