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Business Settlement

Settle Payment, Payment Settlement Process, Report Settlement of Dispute, MSME Credit Rating

Services & Benefits for Settlement



Settlement ChargesFreeCharges (As per Category)
Refund On Membership
SMSNormalBasic + 10 Times Extra
EmailNormalBasic + 10 Times Extra
Whats upNormalBasic + 10 Times Extra
IVR CallsNormalBasic + 10 Times Extra
Follow-up Calls
Legal Notice & E- NoticeE-Notice ( One Time)E-Notice + Legal Notice

Settlement of Business Defaulter Dues with CREDITQ

CreditQ defaulters list is identified and added by the registered members. However, if the concerned parties, the registered member and the defaulter agrees and settles the payment then the registered member could remove the defaulter’s name from the list of defaulters on CreditQ.

The payment settlement is strictly between the defaulter and the registered member and CreditQ does not in any way have any say in it. It is the sole discretion and will of the registered member to ask for the removal of the defaulter’s name from the list.


Payment Settlement Process

The payment settlement process totally depends on both parties. Post settlement, the member can report that the settlement of payment has been done. Once the settlement has been done, the name of the business or client will not undergo a further decrease in rating or ranking, but once a defaulter has been reported, it will always remain on the list of defaulters. In other words, once the defaulter has been reported to have settled the dispute, its rating will not go down further unless it is reported to be a defaulter by more businesses.


Report Settlement of dispute

Both the concerned parties – the registered member and the defaulter can agree to settle their dispute over the payment and upon the settlement of their dispute and payment by the defaulter, the registered member can his/her self-report that the payment has been settled. The settlement will happen only if the registered member wishes to settle the dispute, he/she can do so at their own will.


Settlement of Business Defaulter Dues with MSMECreditQ

MSMECreditQ is a team of professionals and our aim is to unblock the dues in MSME and Business sectors. The company provides the facility for their customer’s settlement services through it. This platform provides the CreditQ customers extra benefits where they can settle their Business Defaulter Dues and increase the cash flow in the business.

This Premium service puts the extra effort digitally to settle the Business Defaulter Dues with SMS, mail, WhatsUp, calls, IVR calls, and legal notice and e-notice. The team contacts the defaulter parties and makes it possible to settle the dues.

CreditQ customers can be eligible to get a refund on subscription charges by providing settlement consent in premium service on verified defaulters within 15 working days. (Valid for Subscription Purchase from 01 June 2022)

The payment settlement is strictly between the defaulter and the registered member of CreditQ and MSMECreditQ plays a service provider role between them.


No More Settlement Problems

Reminder Options
IVR Calls
Legal Notice
  • Settle Your Payment Faster
  • Settle Your Old Unsettled Dues
  • Grow Your Business and Increase the Cash Flow