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Frequently Asked


How to install ?

Users can directly search CreditQ app on the play store and download the app with the below link.

Android download link-https://apps.apple.com/in/app/creditq/id1490985259

What is a Credit Score and what factors affect my Credit Score ?

Credit Score is a 3-digit numeric summary of your nonpayment to the supplier in business relation between supplier and buyer and their activity about paying the amount. There is an algorithm to calculate the CreditQ score of a Company/Individual.

How can I improve my Credit Score ?

You can improve your Credit Score by maintaining a good paying history, which is essential for the goodwill of your company. To improve you credit score you have to follow below points:
• Always pay your bills on time
• Settle the payments which are uploaded on the CreditQ platform.
• Maintain a healthy business relation

I notice a mistake in my report. How do I correct it? How much time will it take to resolve it?

You can write us on support@creditq.in. CreditQ generally resolves the issue in 5 working days.

How can user register on CreditQ?

CreditQ is user friendly platform to use. Only GSTN user can login in CreditQ‘s platform. For more details follow the Demo link “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwyaWUUTkDg”.

What is the Fees to get the Credit information Report ?

Credit Information Report fee is different. The fee is depending on the Subscription plan. Please see the subscription plan for more information. Link- https://creditq.in/membership

Credit information Report fee is for one time or pay at every report ?

User have to pay every time to get report. Information in CIR is updated prior to 2 days from the CIR generation date. CIR has information based on the details provided to CreditQ is exactly same the information provided by our members/subscribers on CreditQ platform.

Who is Defaulter?

Company/firm/organization who fails to pay the billing amount to suppliers and fail to deliver good to buyer is the defaulter.CreditQ is the way to get the information of defaulter and CreditQ is providing the exact information provided by our members/subscribers.

How can we report our bad debtors ?

CreditQ is a user-friendly platform. Register members can just follow the steps available on the platform and fill in the details, upload the required documents and submit. After completion, the confirmation mail will send you.

Can an individual person will be the CreditQ customer ?

Yes, an individual customer could be registered on credit app & web and He can generate Credit Information report of any business.

What are the subscription fees?

The fees of the subscription Plans are different. For more details, please check the subscription plan: link- https://creditq.in/membership

The fees is included by GST or we paid it extra?

Gst will be extra. 18% GST will be paid by the user.

What documents should we upload to prove to be a defaulter ?

The documents are Ledger of the defaulter party and C.A certificate with UDIN number should be upload to prove that the party is defaulter and any document required by CreditQ.

We don’t understand the registration procedure please help us?

Please write us on email support@creditq.in.

How can we get the invoice of our subscription/registration fees?

An invoice will be sent to you on your registered mail id and also members can download it through the website & app. Member need to login in CreditQ website/app and from the Dashboard > Invoices, member can view and download it.

We don’t get the invoice of our credit report request ? How can we get it ?

“You can see all your invoices on Dashboard > Invoices For more information, you can write us at support@creditq.in. “

We submit the documents for the defaulters but the defaulter has not listed in our defaulter detail list till date ?

Generally, it will take 2 working days. if your defaulter is not listed in the defaulter’s list, you can track your procedure by – Go to the Dashboard> Defaulters For more information, you can write us at support@creditq.in.

I am a defaulter and I settle the payment with supplier but our my credit score is not updated? How can I update it ?

Request to your party who report you as a defaulter. Supplier can update the settlement and after settlement, Your score will improve.

What are the latest promo code for registration ?

To see the latest offer please view our website on regular basis. You can also follow us all social media.

How can we apply the referral code?

Sign up with your mobile number then you are eligible to refer your friend. You can click on the Invite & Earn Button to refer. Your Referral code will be applied automatically

How can I see my all settle payment details in the past.

“Register member can see all your settle payment history just follow the simple steps: Dashboard > Defaulters > Defauter Details”

There is any charges to report defaulter?

Reporting a defaulter is very easy and completely free for CreditQ registered members.

Does CreditQ inform the person that he is reported as a defaulter?

Yes, CreditQ informs defaulter party through Email, SMS and whatsapp that he is reported as a defaulter

If settlement has been done but settlement is not reported to creditQ platform by the reported party in that case what should be done by defaulter party?

If settlement has been done then it is the duty of reporting member to report about settlement on CreditQ but if reporting member does not update CreditQ about the settlement then defaulter party can contact our support team.

What about if person is a defaulter party but they don’t have GSTIN?

Yes, Currently CreditQ have facility to report defaulter with PAN and GSTIN .

What is the benefit to refer CreditQ app to other businessmen?

If you refer CreditQ app to other businessmen, then you will get instant cashback as per the offer in your bank account which other party provided at the time of sign up in CreditQ.

If I did not purchase any subscription. Can I report defaulter?

No, You have to purchase the subscription. Subscription Plan:Link- https://creditq.in/membership

Can I report defaulter without any document when I am already using credit management for the party?

Yes, you can report defaulter only when no conflict creates by the party. otherwise, you have to submit ledger and CA certificate with UDIN to report defaulter.

I am not registered on CreditQ. Can I check Credit information Report?

Yes, you can check credit information reports without registration. Sign up for your account through your mobile number after that you generate CIR.

Can I take the lifetime membership?

No, You have to renew the subscription according to your plan.

If I did not purchase any subscription for now, I can refer the application or earn the money ?

Yes, Without purchasing a subscription, the user can refer to the application and earn the money. For this, you have to create an account through your mobile number on CreditQ.

Can i generate CIR through PAN number ?

Yes, You can generate.

Can i report Director of company as a defaulter ?

Yes, You can report Director of company as a defaulter through CIN number

How can i increase my Credit Score ?

Credit Score can be Increase by doing payment on time and also maintaining transaction record on credit Management

What is the benefit to use Credit Management ?

By Using Credit Management, you can ensure timely payments inturn resulting in better Cashflow. If you also pay or deliver on time, you can improve your credit score as well.

What is the use of Wallet money ?

You can use wallet monet to generate CIR.

Can i transfer CreditQ wallet money to my bank account ?

No, You can not transfer wallet money.

Referral cashback will credit in CreditQ wallet or Bank account ?

Referral cashback will credit in your bank account.

Is my Tally integration secure with CREDITQ

Yes, We are Only creating a path to send reminders before the due date and followup to your debtors party.

How does Business Credit Management (BCM) help us?

The Business Credit Management feature helps CreditQ customers to manage their credit transactions digitally. For more information visit on https://creditq.in/page/business-credit-management

I don’t have Tally, Can I use BCM?

No, For now only Tally users can use the BCM facility. The company will provide BCM facility to integrate with other accounting software soon.

What are the fees for integration?

For 1 year, the company is giving BCM services totally free.

How many companies can I add the Tally with BCM?

You can add multiple companies with BCM but all must be registered on CreditQ platform. If your company is not registered on CreditQ, then first you need to take the subscription or add business then you can connect your company with BCM

What is the price for taking follow-up and sending reminders to Buyers?

It is totally free for now. Comapny is giving all facility of remidner is free for now.

If I got the money back from buyers, how can I report the settlement on CREDITQ?

“Register member can show the settlement, just follow the simple steps: Dashboard > Defaulters > add settlement>click and select the option from full settlement or partial settlement and fill the form and submit. If you face any difficulty, write us on support@creditq.in and help@creditq.in”

How can I get the receipt acknowledgement of material through BCM?

 “Acknowledgment of material you will get over the email Id. Also, you can check on the CreditQ portal, follow below steps: Login the CreditQ > Click on my credit transaction > select the buyer party name and see all the transaction and acknowledgment”

Can I share the invoice through BCM?

Yes, The invoice will be shared with your party when you will connect Tally with CreditQ

How can I report defaulter if I am not using BCM ?

If you are not using the BCM, you need to follow the manual process to report the defaulter.

How can I report defaulter if I am using BCM ?

You can report the defaulter just by clicking on one button. For more information, you can write us on support@creditq.in and help@creditq.in

If I do not purchase the subscription then can i connect my tally with BCM ?

No, You can not connect your Tally with BCM. First, you need to purchase the subscription

I have purchased standard plan, Can i use BCM ?

Yes, You can use it.

How can I integrate our Tally with CREDITQ?

“Integration with Tally is very easy, You can download utility from your CreditQ dashboard and run this file on the system which tally has installed. If you face any difficulty you can contact our Technica support team by write us on help@creditq.in and support@creditq.in”

How much refund i can get on settlement consent ?

Up to 100% of the membership fee ( excluding GSTN ) will refund to your bank account.

When will user get the membership refund ?

The refund will be adjusted with your first service charge if a defaulter is reported and consent is signed within 30 days of membership purchase.

Who are eligible for refund ?

Those who purchase the subscription from June 1, 2022, and have a defaulter reported and consent signed within 30 days of membership purchase

How can I change my Login Mobile Number?

Steps to change the Login Mobile number:

1. Login

2. Go to ‘My Profile’

3. Click the pencil button shown right side of ‘Mobile Number’

4. Mention the desired mobile number.

5. Click on the check button.

6. Mention the OTP came on the previous login number.

7. Proceed or Resend OTP (If not received). Note – If you are unable to login with your current login number then mail your concern on support@creditq.in or raise your query by clicking on ‘How May I Help You’ shown bottom – right corner on CreditQ Website.

How can I change my Login Email ID?

Steps to change the Login Mail ID :

1. Login

2. Go to ‘My Profile’

3. Click the pencil button shown right side of ‘Email’

4. Mention the desired email id.

5. Click on the check button.

6. Mention the OTP came on the login number.

7. Proceed or Resend OTP (If not received).

How can I change my business Mail ID or Mobile Number in CreditQ Portal?

You can not change your business mail id or mobile number directly in your CreditQ account. You can share your concern in brief on support@creditq.in.

Where I can see my Bank Details ?

You can check your bank details in the ‘My Profile’ section.

How can I change/ edit my bank details?

Steps to change the Bank Details:
1. Login
2. Go to ‘My Profile’
3. Edit the required details in the Bank Details section.
4. Submit

Where I can see my CreditQ Wallet Money and details ?

You can check your wallet money or details by clicking on ‘Wallet’ shown in left navigation bar.

Can I add money in My Wallet?


How can I connect with CreditQ Support Team?

Steps to connect with CreditQ Support Team:

1. Click on ‘How May I Help You’ button shown in bottom – right corner on CreditQ Website.

2. Mention Your Contact details.

3. Select the ‘Department’ and ‘Subdepartment’.

4. Mention your concern in detail in the ‘Comment’ box.

5. Submit Note – If your problem still not resolved then write your concern in detail on support@creditq.in.”

How can I sign consent agreement with MSMECrediQ?

Steps to sign the consent agreement :
1. Login
2. Go to ‘Defaulters’ section shown in left navigation bar.
3. Click on the button ‘Consent For Settlement’.
4. Mention/ Confirm the bank details.
5. Verify the aadhaar.
6. Check the Agreement details properly.
7. Proceed with e-sign.

How can I cancel my consent agreement with MSMECreditQ?

No, You can not cancel the consent agreement with MSMECreditQ for next three years from the signing date.

How can I renew my membership plan?

Steps to renew/recharge membership plan:
1. Login
2. Click on Renew button shown in ‘My Subscription’ section on User Dashboard.
3. Select the required plan and proceed. To get better assistance contact in support@creditq.in.

How can I send automated reminders to my customers?

Business Credit Management (BCM) service of CreditQ provides you the feature of sending automated reminders to your customer. For using this you need to purchase the membership plan of CreditQ and then integrate your Tally accounting software with your CreditQ account to get all the details digitally on your CreditQ portal. System will automatically send automated reminders to your cutomers according to the due date.

How can I add additional contact details of my defaulters?

Steps to sign the consent agreement :
1. Login
2. Go to ‘Defaulters’ section shown in left navigation bar.
3. Open the required defaulter by clicking on eye button.
4. Click on Add More button and add Email Id or Mobile number there.
5. Read the Confirmation statement properly and then click on ‘I agree’ button.”

How can I remove the contact details of my defaulter party?

No, You can not remove your defaulter party contact details.