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Your business credit score matters a lot for your company’s financial health. You can do a lot with a good credit score. It boosts your borrowing power. Your lenders don’t hesitate to lend you funds again. You enjoy financial stability and a great market rapport.

Businesses with a vision make the right choice by assessing their business credit score and reviewing their business credit report thoroughly. It helps them make an informed decision about a new partnership, their debts, their debtors, and more. 

If you’re also finding ways to protect your business credit score in 2021 and wish to make it a good business year for you, let us help! 

Read further to know how you can keep your business credit score high and impactful.

Review your business credit report regularly

When you develop a habit of reviewing your business credit report, it can help you know where you stand concerning financial stability. Maybe you are defaulting on your payments. You could be giving less attention to clearing off your debts. Whatever the reason, your business credit report impacts your credit score. Any major change in your credit report is likely to change your business credit score rating. 

Approach a credit information bureau 

If you think your debtors have been troubling you for a long time now, you can consult CreditQ, a leading credit information bureau. It can help you settle payments with your business credit defaulters

For example, if you think you’ve been played by your business partner and you wish to recover money, you can approach CreditQ. It follows a standard payment settlement process. This way, you can protect your business credit score from getting a low score. 

Make regular payments

Another way to enjoy a good business credit score is to make regular payments. If you owe your suppliers money, it’s good to regularize the payment channel; your supply chain process is not hampered. Also, if you have got existing debt, find ways to clear it off or reduce it. You can think of prepaying the EMIs if your pocket allows. It’s a good way to manage debts. 

Maintain cordial terms with your lenders

Networking skills can make or break the game in the business arena. If you’ve got good terms with your investors and lenders, you’re likely to get funds without trouble. Also, your lender may show leniency in delaying the payment dates, or your payment interest rates can be decreased.

Since most businesses work on a credit basis, it’s good to maintain a harmonious relationship with your clients. It bears fruits in the long run.

Be consistent

Protecting your business credit score does not necessarily mean avoiding a suspected fraud. It could also be protecting your data and financial statements from online threats. It could be a phishing mail, or you could lose money if your company’s data leaks. So, be consistent in ensuring safety and take stern measures to keep your business protected against fraud.

When you are consistent in your approach, you will find things aligning for you without making efforts. For the rest of the things, you can rely on the CreditQ services to benefit you and your company in the longer run. In business, play safe, assess risks, and make the right moves.