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Private equity firms have invested money in Indian tech unicorns left, right, and center in the past year. A striking amount of 50 billion dollars was invested in the Indian market-creating over 40 technology unicorns in the Indian market.  However, against all odds bulls still, rule the market, and the frantic private equity frenzy will continue in 2022. Most of the companies have excellent repayment records with no defaulters.

Multiple startups want to get on this private equality wagon and become public this year. That’s why you would see a variety of IPOs from all sectors in the market this year. Although many private equity investor giants such as Softbank and tiger global are going for companies in the SaaS and fintech industry. SoftBank has already invested about US$3 billion in India this year on various popular startups such as Paytm and Zomato. In total, $28.2 billion was pumped into the Indian economy by private equities, with about 799 deals over last year. As per financial credit bureau research,  this has also led to an increase in B2B Credit Management Services  

Such increasing bullish trends in the market have also increased the appetite of investors to invest in these firms when they become public. It gives the market the momentum it needs to keep rising, and the rising trend, in turn, provides a greater return to the investors.

2022 also has the same frenzy in the air; however, the momentum may get a bit slow. It is because 2021 was meeting the pent-up demands of 2020, and the market had crashed drastically due to the onset of the pandemic. However, the companies and the investors still hope that this won’t affect the influx of global capital in the Indian market.

News of various promising deals from private equity investors and venture capital firms like Softbank, Tiger Global, Bessemer Venture Partners is already out, and 2022 looks promising.  Many companies like MobiWick, Ola, and OYO will raise capital from the market through IPOs in 2022. Hopefully, the effects of the pandemic will be recovered over this year, and the economy will grow with the help of private equity, hedge funds, and IPOs.