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The year 2021 was a year of evolution for the Indian stock market, where IPOs from every sector flooded the stock market. From Zomato to Nykaa, many startups issued public offers and came out victorious. You may be thinking IPOs are not a new thing, so what has changed in the past year? You are not the only one pondering that question, and there are logical reasons behind them that go beyond good fortune and fate.

Here’s is detailed research from CIMSME India on why Indian startups are catching the IPO fever, and you will see more issues this year.

1         RBI has played its part

After the pandemic hit the economy in 2019, the economy crashed like a castle of playing cards. RBI has been floating money into it to give our economy a much-needed boost. This money eventually gets to the financial markets as stocks most of the time, and big institutions now have money in their hands to invest in IPOs, giving the startups the confidence they need to enter the public markets.

2        The market is on the rise

The bulls and bears concept of the stock market is well known. When the market crashed in march 2020, it was the time of the bear. Now the bull has pushed back in full force, and stock marketing is going up. The rising market trend makes investors bolder, and they pour money into the IPOs, believing they will get greater returns. Investors have got tools that help them analyze the standing of the company in the market on various factors. Financial Credit Bureau also plays an integral role in it as it provides a report about Online Dispute Resolution for Business and profitability of the parent company.

3          Pandemic effect

Against all predictions of businesses toppling over, many startups adapted and thrived during the pandemic years, becoming financially stronger and wiser. That’s another reason many companies felt financially stable enough to go public and issue IPOs in 2021 and 2022.

4          SEBI also played a role

You may wonder that it is not the first time the market has seen a rise or that RBI has floated funds. You are not wrong. Another prominent reason for rising IPO fever is that SEBI has made amendments in its listing procedures, making it easier for companies to get listed. That’s why more and more companies are issuing IPOs in the Indian stock market.

5          Change in Investor mentality

Another significant reason for these changing trends is that the investors in the country are becoming more mature. Earlier, people only invested in stocks and bonds they thought were safe and would give them a long-term return, now that mindset has changed. People are willing to take more risks to get greater returns quickly.