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Many businesses have been affected by the pandemic. Some managed to survive, while others had to shut down completely. The first pandemic wave came as a lesson for many entrepreneurs who started their businesses before the lockdown. They had to start from scratch this year as the world is still fighting the pandemic.

What’s interesting to know is what has been their lockdown learning. Did they create business management strategies? Do they have a plan B to tackle the lockdown challenges? Are their businesses ready to fight the second pandemic wave? All these questions need answers, sooner or later.

If your business is also struggling to get back on its feet, this piece of information may interest you. We will talk about leveling up your business’s financial whereabouts and how you can sustain the course.

Take action 

While reviewing your commercial credit information report, you may have analyzed where you went wrong the last year and what wise things you initiated. If you’re able to recognize your grey areas, you should take action. If you’ve got a bad credit history or you are delaying payments, you need to step up and find ways to bring your business back on track.

If your credit defaulters were the reason you had to slow down despite enjoying slow progress during the lockdown, you must make them courtesy calls and settle payments with them. These are testing times, and you should maintain a cash reserve till the time your sales figures show a boost.

Create a backup plan

Whether you’re starting your business from scratch or opening up after months, you should have a plan to back you up. Having a cash reserve is one thing, but what about emergencies. Are you ready to tackle another lockdown burnout? Do you have a backup plan that lets your business survive? If not, it’s time to evaluate your options and create a plan B that helps your business stay in the arena.

Read, read, read

We understand that sales will gradually increase during the COVID phase, but this lockdown should be an opportunity for you to enhance your skills. Besides making business strategies, you should read articles and watch videos related to business management during COVID. This way, you will get many inspiring stories of the entrepreneurs who did not succumb to the pandemic heat.

Reduce unwanted risks

You will agree that it’s not the best time to take risks and tackle challenges. You still have to think about bringing money into the business, either through sales or recovering money from debtors. Besides, you need to make impressive pitches to woo clients and achieve your new sales targets. A quick tip – do not venture into a new business field if you think you can wait for another year.

On the other hand, if you think you’re unable to recover money from your credit defaulters, approach a credit information bureau like CreditQ to help you settle payments with your debtors. The next time, check your client’s company credit score and report before shaking hands with them.

Besides these tips, you should also learn about business credit management. Make friendly calls to your vendors and suppliers. Share if you’ve any business updates. Talk to your employees and give them a roadmap. All this will benefit you in the long run and turn your lockdown blues into financial success.